Genie Message CRM

Genius Message CRM is a CRM and sales pipeline for your personal Facebook messenger. It allows you to easily keep track of leads and tag them and create automated reminders and follow up.

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Friend Connect

Friend Connect doesn't just send out friend requests to your idea customer avatar, but it also gets the intial conversation started for you.

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Mr. Robo

With  Mr. Robo you can simply insert keywords for the nitch you are looking for, then select your targeted location, and Mr. Robo will do it's job. It will go out and generate you lists of leads for your desired nitch in your desired location.

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.Com Leads

All you have to do is login to .Com Leads, you can then pick a date range you want to search for, you can pick any keywords (like insurance) that you want to find inside the domains, and you can even filter by the TDL and number of domains the domain owner owns.

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Link Lizard

Link Lizard gives you real power and control over all the links you share on the internet. It allows you to turn any link into a short pretty fully trackable, brand-able, and customize-able link. Imagine being able to change a link in an social post, email, SMS, or chatbot message you created days or years ago. No more re-sending messages like Opps, sent the wrong link to you. 

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Chripin can also do live two way calling, two way SMS and MMS. Emails, Click to Call from your websites and funnels, voicemail drops, IVR's. It also does SMS, Email, Voicemail, and IVR bulk broadcasts. It has a built in power dialer to work through your lead lists, it does automated follow up and nurturing campaigns and so much more.

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